Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fight Fighters and Summerween

Here's a few big Ol' Background keys I did for "Fight Fighters"



  Final Paint
By the incomparable Ian Worrel

 Gravity Falls neighborhood Keys for "Summerween"

Happy October!


  1. Awesome! How long does it take on average to go from layout drawing to final paint?

    1. It depends on how big the design challenge is. For big design "keys' that are made to cover the overall design for a big sequence like the neighborhood drawings above, I would take a day or so to research and sketch ideas out. It averages about a day to rough out a tight composition. Once I get something going that I'm somewhat satisfied with, I'l take it to the art director Ian Worrel to get his thoughts and finally Alex Hirsch for final approval. Sometimes they have notes and revisions so theres a half day spent addressing notes. Once the rough is approved it easily takes 2 days or more to draw the final ink. It usually takes that long for big keys that are 2 or 4 fields long with tons of story and design information. Once thats done, it's off to the painters and they can take up to a few days to paint big "keys" or longer. For tighter shots with less information and detail, we can bang something out in a day or less. It all depends. Thanks for asking and pardon the long delay in my replay!

  2. I want to go to there. Amazing, Sean.

  3. very beautiful work on this show !

  4. Hi, love your work!

    I have a question:

    Do you use any software during the process of the drawing or just pencil?

  5. We love the art in this show!

  6. Hello Sean! Your art is very very inspiring! Love Gravity Falls style. Would you mind giving me a little pro advice? I've been drawing by hand for a long time, had some academic classes (on architecture faculty), worked as animator and motion-designer, and now I'd like to make a transition to concept comic/cartoon style artist. Could you please recommend me what should I start off with? May be some great tutorials you could reference to. Probably you have some tutorials of your own. By the way it would be great if you could make a screencast of you working. I would very much appreciate your advice. Thank you! Best, Roman.

  7. Thank you for living just like ugghhh I can't take it , you're my hero