Friday, September 7, 2012

A series of my little roughs for "The Time Travelers Pig" episode.  I was lucky enough to design the "Mystery Fair".  Simple, cheap looking, and really quaint. We talked about trying to convey the feeling you get when you go to a crappy small town carnival held in the parking lot of the local church.

Final inked keys

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is a map of Gravity Falls I designed with the Art Director Ian Worrel way back in early development over a year and a half ago.  My intent was to make it look like an old timey map Dipper and Mabel might find in a dusty old parks and recreations book. 

These are couple of thumbnail roughs drawn pretty damn small,  I did for the town's square in Gravity Falls for the episode "Irrational Treasure"

Here's my final inked keys for "IrrationalTreasure".  The Inked drawings are always labor intensive and ultra time consuming but they do the trick to give the show an over all feeling that it's made by human hands, imperfections and all.  Our inked line style is a key element that gives Gravity Falls it's specific integrity!  Another key element is the sophisticated way these drawings are painted by our show's fantastic painters Josh Parpan and Elle Mechalka. 

Here's a cool angle of Dipper and Mabel's room in the Mystery Shack attic tossed in for good measure.  I'm rounding up my keys for the episode "Time Traveler's Pig"  which I'll put up shortly.  So come on back now, yahear!