Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's another couple of inked background designs for the Gravity Falls pilot episode.  This one is a huge vertical pan where Dipper descends down into a dark and mysterious gnome forest!

This here is a big horizontal pan of the gnome forest. A bunch of gnomes have Mabel tied up in the foreground just there.

These final inked drawings are super time consuming but once the background painters get ahold of them the results are often quite spiffy!  You can see the final statements on Elle Michalka's blog


  1. I was really taken aback when that vertical pan came on the screen in the episode, looks freakin' great! Really glad to see you guys doing such an awesome job on the show... glad you started this blog, too.

  2. I want a poster of these


  3. Hey,can you tell me what program you uae for drawing please? oh and what resolution..im a semi-artist too but i cant get the quality of my work to be as good and HD as yours..